Snow makeup days in Medford official

The school year will be extended by two days and students will go to class on Presidents Day and a parent-teacher conference day to make up for time missed when a snowstorm hit the first week of January, the Medford School Board voted today.

The four days, June 15-16, Feb. 20 and March 13, had been approved by the Medford Education Association and Oregon School Employees Association last week. Teachers will be required to work through Tuesday, June 20.

In Central Point, administrators have proposed adding instructional time March 10 (previously a grading/professional development day), March 22-23 (previously parent-teacher conference days) and extending the year by one day to June 15.

Schools could choose to use March 24, which also was earmarked for parent-teacher conferences, for grading, professional development or priority conferences and will notify parents about conference scheduling, Central Point Superintendent Samantha Steele said last week.

The Central Point School Board will vote on the proposed calendar revisions at its Tuesday meeting.

Eagle Point’s schools still meet the state’s minimum requirement for instructional minutes and will not need to make up any of the snow days, Human Resources Director Allen Barber has said.

The Ashland School District intends to make up three of the four snow days by using a previously scheduled snow day, March 24, and having students attend classes on March 1 and 2, which were previously conference days.

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