Accused teacher absolved

A Central Medford High School special education teacher has been absolved of failing to report the sexual harassment of a developmentally delayed student, according to a Medford School District investigation.

Medford School District officials said the accusation against the teacher by the 21-year-old victim's mother was a misunderstanding.

"We found no wrongdoing on the part of the staff," said Medford schools Superintendent Phil Long. "The complaints were not the way they were portrayed."

The victim was sexually harassed by classmate Seth Michael Wilson, 19, who was later arrested Nov. 29 and convicted of the misdemeanor crime, according to Medford police. The victim's private counselor had reported to Medford police that Wilson had been touching and fondling the victim between Nov. 15 and Nov. 29, the victim's mother said.

District officials said they found no evidence that the victim had complained to her teacher about sexual harassment. Her parents' complaint was that the teacher was not aggressive enough in stopping other students from pestering the victim for information about the crime after the arrest took place, officials said.

The victim's mother acknowledged Thursday that it was unclear what her daughter told the teacher specifically, if anything, about sexual harassment.

"I knew she told (the teacher) that Seth was bothering her, but I don't know the specifics," the mother said. "I don't know specifically what she told the teacher. Then, after the incident, (the teacher) didn't do much to keep the other students out of her business."

Both Wilson and the victim were students in the Transitions program, which helps graduates with disabilities, ages 18-21, move into post-school life. Transitions is located at Central on South Oakdale Avenue, which is the district's alternative high school.

At the time of his arrest, Wilson was on probation for a conviction of first-degree sodomy in September 2009.

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