Wife expected to plead not guilty to killing husband

The Siskiyou County sheriff expects accused murderer Patricia MacCallum of Medford to plead not guilty to charges of killing her husband in November.

Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey said his investigators are continuing to look into the murder of 34-year-old Michael Christopher MacCallum.

MacCallum's body was found at the base of a steep cliff near Applegate Creek in Northern California in late November.

An autopsy showed that MacCallum had been shot and then left in the rural area.

Lopey said his detectives are working to build a strong case against Patricia MacCallum, 26, and Amber Lubbers, 27, who was identified as her co-conspirator in the murder.

"We feel that we have a pretty strong case against them," Lopey said. "We believe we have a motive and there is some evidence."

Lopey did not comment on what the motive was, saying that it would jeopardize the case against the pair when it comes time for trial.

Michael Christopher MacCallum was found Nov. 20 after family and friends reported him missing. He worked in Medford as a driver for Checker Cab and as a bartender. The victim had celebrated his birthday Nov. 17, and had been on a camping trip in northern Siskiyou County near the Oregon border.

The pair were held in the Jackson County Jail after being arrested in Medford. They were then extradited to Siskiyou County, where they await trial.

Lopey said MacCallum has not cooperated with the investigation.

"She has not been forthcoming with information," Lopey said. "It's up to us to build the case, and we will continue to investigate. We don't consider an investigation complete until after the trial, the sentencing and all the appeals are exhausted. You are always looking for more evidence."

Lopey said Siskiyou County saw a spike in homicides in 2012, which has stretched the department to the limit.

"As a county, we have limited resources, but we think we can build solid cases in the murder investigations."

The Siskiyou County sheriff is still looking for information about the case and is asking anyone with knowledge of MacCallum's death to call the agency's 24-hour dispatch number at 530-841-2900.

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