Two men drag ATM from Purple Parrot

Two men broke into a closed Medford Purple Parrot early Sunday and dragged out an ATM, Medford police reported.

Police declined to disclose how much cash was in the machine, which was valued at $3,000.

Police responded to the business at 1913 Delta Waters Road at 8:20 p.m. Sunday, after a passerby reported finding suspicious papers — unfilled Keno tickets — in the parking lot. The Purple Parrot had been closed four days earlier after a vehicle ran into the building.

In that case, the driver of a van accidentally ran into the building because he didn't realize his vehicle was in reverse. The impact didn't break the window glass, but the frame around it was loosened, police said.

"Because it was somewhat loose, we believe the (burglars) were able to push through that glass and access that building, but we're not certain," Medford police Lt. Mike Budreau said.

Surveillance video from the business shows two men wearing dark clothing dragging the ATM out through the front about 3 a.m. Sunday. The exact weight of the machine is not known, but police officials agreed it's certainly cumbersome.

"They are extremely heavy," Budreau said of ATMs. "It took both of them just to drag it."

Drag marks extend out the door and stop in a parking lot. Police believe the burglars loaded the machine into a vehicle and drove away. No description of a vehicle was available.

Because of poor lighting, no distinguishing characteristics can be discerned from the video beyond the dark clothing the men were wearing. Their hoods were also up, making it difficult to see their faces.

"You just can't tell," Budreau said of their identities.

The video also shows the Keno tickets being pulled out with the machine, scattering on the curb out front as the two men left.

Medford police are asking for help in identifying the burglars. Anyone who recognizes the two men or has other details is asked to call Medford police at 541-770-4784.

"We don't have a lot to go on at all," Budreau said.

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