Richard Kelcy Conken, left and Kaleb William Lloyd, right, pleaded guilty to second-degree robbery

Teen trio sentenced in Medford robbery

Three 18-year-olds avoided Measure 11 sentences after admitting they robbed a man in December.

Richard Kelcy Conken of Shady Cove, Kaleb William Lloyd of White City and Beau Russell West of Medford all pleaded guilty Thursday in Jackson County Circuit Court to a felony second-degree robbery charge. 

Second-degree robbery is a Measure 11 crime that typically carries a 70-month mandatory minimum sentence, but the three were handed reduced "safety-valve" sentences because of a lack of prior criminal history. 

Conken and Lloyd received reduced prison sentences, and West, who was a juvenile at the time of the crime, was sentenced to the Oregon Youth Authority.

Police said they found victim, Nathan Williams, in the 1800 block of Crater Lake Avenue just after midnight Dec. 17, 2016, hunched over and bleeding from an attack in which Conken reportedly stabbed him, according to documents filed by Medford police. Williams' wallet, cellphone and two packs of Winston Red 100 cigarettes were taken from him.

"It scared the ever-living daylights out of me," Williams said during the hearing. 

Prior to sentencing, West turned to Williams at the hearing and apologized.

"I wish I could take it back, I do," West said. 

Lloyd and Conken both declined to speak at the hearing.

Lloyd's court-appointed defense lawyer Donald Scales said the three had been drinking heavily and that his client had been taking the anti-anxiety medication Xanax before the "situation spiraled somewhat out of control." Scales said that Lloyd was so intoxicated that he has "gaps in his memory" but has been "very forthcoming" with what he remembers.

Jason Caplan, Conken's court-appointed defense lawyer, said his client was "extremely intoxicated," but has showed "some real remorse."

Circuit Court Judge David Hoppe followed the negotiated plea offers, sentencing West, who turned 18 Saturday, to 36 months in the custody of the Oregon Youth Authority followed by three years of post-prison supervision. West will be eligible for a second-look hearing after he serves half of his sentence. 

As his family sobbed in the courtroom, Conken, who stabbed Williams, was sentenced to 54 months in prison for his role in the robbery. A felony assault charge against Conken was dropped as part of the plea agreement.

"We love you, Richard," his mother shouted as court was adjourned.

Lloyd was sentenced to 36 months in prison. He will be eligible for earned time and good time in prison, but not for alternative incarceration programs.

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