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Medford police served a search warrant Tuesday morning at a suspected drug house at 2371 Stillwater Court. [Medford police photo]

Suspected dealer arrested in east Medford drug bust

Months of neighbor complaints surrounding a suspected drug house in east Medford led to the arrest of a man on felony charges, and misdemeanors for three others inside the home.

Thomas Lee Dargie, 36, was arrested Tuesday at an east Medford home near North Medford High School on felony counts of delivering and manufacturing methamphetamine within 1,000 feet of a school, delivering and manufacturing heroin within 1,000 feet of a school, and possessing heroin and meth, according to a Medford police Facebook post.

Dargie’s arrest at 2371 Stillwater Court follows at least two months of complaints by neighbors about the home, who told police that they drew traffic at all hours.

Three others were arrested on misdemeanor counts of frequenting a place where drugs are used or sold, according to Medford police and Jackson County jail records. The three suspects were identified as Brendan Burr Robertson, 39; Allen Michael Daugherty, 25; and Dominique Marissa Brodd, 20.

As of Tuesday evening, Dargie was lodged in jail on more than $1 million bail, Robertson was lodged on $5,000 bail, and Brodd was held in jail without bail for violating her probation on a prior second-degree burglary conviction. Daugherty, who has a Medford address listed in jail records, was released at 6:27 p.m. Tuesday because of overcrowding.

The four suspects had not yet been charged in Jackson County Circuit Court as of Tuesday evening, records showed.

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