Small Anderson Butte fire extinguished

Oregon Department of Forestry firefighters swiftly quashed a less-than-an-acre-size wildfire that broke out Sunday in a recently logged area on Anderson Butte in Jacksonville.

ODF was called to the blaze just before 3 p.m. with reports of flames, said Brian Ballou, ODF spokesman. Seven ODF fire engines and a helicopter responded.

The helicopter dropped water on the fire, and it was under control within two hours, having only devoured a half-acre to three-fourths of an acre.

"There was a pond nearby," Ballou said. "They shoveled bucket loads on the fire. They didn't keep helicopter any more than an hour."

Crews remained monitoring the scene late Sunday.

"It's pretty well mopped up," said Ballou.

The cause of the blaze remains under investigation.

"It looks like there was a campfire there," Ballou said. "We're not absolutely certain of the details, but that's kind of how it looks. They're still combing through what they found. It's pretty evident a lot of stuff has been dumped there over time."

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