Sheriff's deputies break up cockfight

Jackson County sheriff's deputies and Oregon State Police Saturday broke up a cockfighting match on the Eagle Point property of Willamette Egg Farms.

Law enforcement was called to the farm along Highway 62 at 11 a.m. for a report of people seen trespassing on the property, the Sheriff's Department said in a news release. Deputies arrived and saw numerous people running from the scene.

An inspection of the area found evidence of a cockfighting match that had just occurred.

At least one rooster that had been severely injured was found discarded in an adjacent field.

Nine of those who fled were tracked down and cited for second-degree trespassing and participating in cockfighting.

Leonel Sanchez, 26, also was charged with trespassing and participating in cockfight. He was an employee at the egg farm and is believed to have let the event to occur by unlocking the gates and hosting the event.

The location included a covered fighting arena with lights powered by a generator. There also was a makeshift bar where alcohol was sold.

Deputies found razors that were fastened to the roosters' legs that are meant to inflict severe damage during a fight.

Approximately 35 roosters were seized and later released to an animal caretaker.

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