Jason Allen Jule

Robbing store with phone charger leads to prison

Local report

A man was sentenced to more than four years in prison after admitting he helped his girlfriend rob a Sams Valley convenience store by pretending he had a gun.

Jason Allen Jule, 39, pleaded guilty to a count of second-degree robbery Wednesday in Jackson County Circuit Court, telling Circuit Judge Lorenzo Mejia he was "in a bad situation" the night of Nov. 1, when he held a phone charger in his pocket to help Angela Christina Estrada rob the Fast and Easy Mart at 13325 Antioch Road. They left with roughly $700.

Robbery in the second degree typically carries a mandatory-minimum sentence of 70 months, but the case was excluded from Measure 11 sentencing because no actual weapon was used, according to his court-appointed defense lawyer Donald Scales.

"It was pretty evident that it was not a handgun," Scales said.

Estrada was sentenced Dec. 5 to 34 months in for the crime. Jule and Estrada have both been ordered to repay $317.99.

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