Reward offered for convict who escaped jail

The Jackson County Sheriff's Department has put a $5,000 price on the head of a convicted bank robber who escaped the jail on Monday.

The agency announced the reward and it will pay out to anyone with information that leads to the arrest of Bradley William Monical, 42.

Deputies and search and rescue volunteers have been on the hunt for Monical every day since his brazen escape Monday night.

"We are going to continue looking for this man until we find him," Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters said.

Monical escaped the jail by standing on another inmate's shoulders in the recreation hall and pulling away a piece of metal mesh from the roof covering. He then lept into a nearby tree and climbed down.

Monical is described as 5 feet 7 inches tall and 170 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes.

Officials said he is a danger to the community. Residents should call 911 immediately if they see him.

In a jail video taken recently, Monical is seen with hair and a bald spot on the top of his head.

In his mug shot plastered on fliers given to the public, his head is bald.

He was scheduled to be tried in March 2013 in Jackson County Circuit Court for a December 2010 robbery at an Ashland PremierWest Bank.

He was arrested following a robbery in Coos Bay in April 2011, convicted and sentenced to 22 years in state prison. He has been in the Jackson County Jail since August 2011 to face the Ashland charges.

Winters used helicopter to search for Monical. The helicopter flew a 22-mile stretch of the greenway. No sign of Monical was found.

Monical was wearing a green jail outfit and slip-on canvass shoes when he escaped. Deputies have searched the alleys leading away from the jail, as well as the bikepath, but the clothes have not been found.

It is not known whether Monical had a contact on the outside who would have given him a ride out of the area.

The tree Monical jumped into has been chopped down, as have several others nearby. The recreation hall cover also is being fortified with a stronger material.

Monical is considered a threat to the community. If you have any information about Monical or if you see him, the sheriff is asking you to please call 911.

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