Retired cop helps nab robbery suspect

A sharp-eyed retired Medford police officer helped with the arrest of a man suspected of robbing the Cedar Lodge at gunpoint last weekend.

Investigators had identified Robert Maloney Miller, 57, as the suspect shortly after the robbery, Medford police Deputy Chief Tim George said.

They received a tip Wednesday that Miller had just dropped off a friend at the Gospel Mission and was on his way to Hawthorne Park. Officers descended on the park but there was no sign of Miller's car, George said.

Meanwhile, retired officer Mitch Gibson, who was listening to the search on a police radio in his car, spotted Miller's car and followed it to the Winco parking lot, where he notified police.

George acknowledged Gibson's help closing the case.

"This was a great job by a retired officer," George said. "It's nice to have another set of eyes out there."

Miller was arrested without incident and charged with second-degree robbery. He remained lodged in the Jackson County Jail late Wednesday on $1 million bail.

Detectives then searched a home Miller was staying at and found property from the Cedar Lodge robbery.

Under Oregon sentencing guidelines, second-degree robbery carries a mandatory 5 years and 10 months prison sentence upon conviction.

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