Report of stabbing, theft was bogus, say authorities

ASHLAND —An Ashland man could face a misdemeanor charge of initiating a false report after police found no evidence of a theft and robbery he reported in October.

Drai Beveridge, 20, went to Ashland Community Hospital with apparent stab wounds to his leg on the evening of Oct. 18 and hospital officials called police. Beveridge, a medical marijuana grower, told investigators a friend, Nima Blue, also 20, had stabbed him in a fight and tried to steal 3.5 pounds of marijuana.

Ashland police detectives have worked since then to unravel what happened that night. Beveridge and Blue didn't want to talk with police, slowing the investigation, Detective Rick Spence said.

Now with statements from the two men, police concluded that the altercation never happened and no marijuana was taken, Spence said. Beveridge's injury was apparently the result of a fall, not a stabbing, he said.

No charges are pending against Blue, who was cleared of suspicions of robbery and assault, Spence said.

The case has been forwarded to the Jackson County District Attorney's Office so prosecutors can determine whether Beveridge should face charges of initiating a false police report.

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