Police seek leads in Saturday restaurant shootings

Medford police still don't know what type of projectiles hit the windows of two Medford restaurants Saturday night or who did the shooting.

Medford police Lt. Kevin Walruff said police haven't found any casings or projectiles to indicate the weapon used Saturday evening to shoot holes in windows at NoHo's Hawaiian Cafe on McAndrews Road and Jimmy John's in the Medford Center.

Walruff declined to speculate on whether it was a firearm, saying no evidence points in any direction.

"We want to keep our mind open at this point," Walruff said. "We just don't have enough to say."

Walruff said tracking a suspect in the case has been a challenge. Witnesses heard the impact on the glass but didn't see a suspect.

The shot at NoHo's prompted 40 to 50 people inside to drop to the floor out of fear it was a gunshot. At Jimmy John's, the case wasn't called in right away because those inside were initially unsure what they heard.

Walruff said he's hoping someone has new information about the incidents. He said it is a case that needs to be solved, even if the incidents were just kids cruising around doing practical jokes. Walruff said that if the suspects are juveniles, police would do what they can to withhold suspects' names.

Anyone with information should call police at 541-774-2250.

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