Tyson Manny

Police seek car thief suspect after chase near school

Medford police are searching for a man who allegedly eluded police in a stolen SUV Wednesday.

Tyson Manny, 26, is believed to have fled police in a white, newer-model Jeep Cherokee after a witness spotted the stolen vehicle near Roberts Road, according to the Medford police Facebook page. Police didn't say how they knew the driver was Manny.

Police called off the chase because the person was driving recklessly at high speeds near a school, according to Medford police Lt. Kevin Walruff.

A stolen vehicle alone typically isn't worth the risk to engage in a pursuit, Walruff said, but it's common for suspects to ditch the stolen vehicle after spotting police.

"A lot of times we can catch the person walking away from it," Walruff said.

Police found the vehicle abandoned near McAndrews Road and Bonita. Other stolen property was not recovered, Walruff said, some of which included firearms.

A photo of the stolen SUV was shared with the more than 30,000 members of the Jackson County Scanner Facebook page after it was reported stolen this morning.

Police are asking people who see Manny to call police at 541-774-2250.

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