Police: Man posed as ‘special agent’ to steal truck

A Medford man with a past arrest for impersonating a police officer is in trouble again after allegedly dressing in a hodgepodge of police and military gear, identifying himself as a “special agent” and taking another man’s truck.

Donald Lee Anderson, Jr., 47, of the 1900 block of Spring Street pleaded not guilty Thursday to charges of criminal impersonation of a peace officer, second- and third-degree robbery, first-degree burglary and unauthorized use of a vehicle, according to Jackson County Circuit Court records.

He has a pre-trial conference hearing scheduled for June 25, court records show.

On May 6, Anderson went to a home in White City where the truck’s owner lives and told the man’s girlfriend the man owed someone money, according to a probable cause affidavit filed by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

Anderson was dressed in military-style camouflage pants, wore a bullet-proof vest, had a gun that later was identified as plastic and identified himself as “Special Agent Ben Carson,” the affidavit said.

Anderson demanded either the truck or money, the affidavit said.

The girlfriend said she thought the situation seemed odd so she asked Anderson whether he had a warrant, the affidavit said.

According to the affidavit, Anderson asked her, “Do you really wanna do this the hard way?”

Anderson told her he had his “team” out front. Another man was accompanying Anderson but never said anything, the affidavit said.

The woman handed over the truck key and Anderson took the vehicle, the affidavit said.

Phoenix police found the truck about a week later in a parking lot, the affidavit said.

Both Anderson and the man with him were in jail on unrelated warrants, so a Sheriff’s Office investigator interviewed the two separately, the affidavit said.

Anderson’s acquaintance said Anderson went to the truck owner’s house to collect on a drug debt after the owner allegedly pocketed $1,400 but never delivered any heroin, the affidavit said.

Anderson admitted to dressing in a police-style vest and openly carrying a plastic gun, but said he “was just trying to look like a car repo guy so he could collect on a drug debt” the truck owner owed to a girl, the affidavit said.

Anderson said he had made arrangements in advance to drop the truck off in the parking lot of a Phoenix business.

Anderson, who has a criminal history dating back to 1988, was arrested in 2013 for allegedly impersonating a United States marshal.

Police said he went to the Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center emergency room dressed in a black tactical uniform and wearing a badge plus a holster with no gun.

Anderson told medical workers he was transporting a wanted fugitive and was suffering from anxiety. He received medical treatment but didn’t pay the $1,000 bill, police said.

Police said they searched his home and found a U.S. marshal-style vest, a badge and body armor.

Anderson accepted a plea agreement in which he pleaded guilty to identity theft in the case, court records show.

He was also arrested for allegedly calling 911 multiple times to claim his friend had planted a pipe bomb at Walmart, but those charges were later dismissed, according to court records.

Anderson was convicted of third-degree theft and second-degree criminal trespassing after he was accused of using a Chevelles Auto Sale vehicle without authorization in 2017 to steal marijuana plants from a man who then hit him with a shovel. He was also seen on surveillance video stealing condoms at a convenience store, according to court records.

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