Police look into murder

Grants Pass police are asking for help in solving the apparent murder of a young man whose body was found near a city park early Monday morning.

"We are tracking any and all leads," said Commander Bill Landis.

First reports on the death of Wayne Alex Brueggemann, 25, came from a resident who was walking a dog at about 6:30 a.m.

The unidentified resident called police to report a man down in the area of northwest "F" Street, near Menegazzi Garden Park and the post office, said Landis.

Police officers responded and determined the man was dead. The case was declared a homicide, and a crime scene was established, said Landis. Landis declined to provide details on the cause of death.

No motive or suspects have yet been established. But police are investigating the last hours of Brueggemann's life, Landis said.

"We want to see who he might have been in contact with," said Landis.

Brueggemann's next of kin have been contacted.

Anyone with information regarding Brueggemann or the circumstances surrounding his death are asked to call Det. Jim Brissette at the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety at 474-6370.

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