Police issue credit card call warning

Two calls from a supposed financial institution to a Medford resident last week have prompted police to revive a warning about credit-card scams.

A resident who works for a bank received the calls on his company-issued cell phone Friday, Medford Lt. Tim Doney said in a news release Monday.

Doney said the man answered the phone and heard a recorded voice asking him to press a number to obtain more information about a problem with a credit card. When he did, Doney said, a man answered and said the caller had reached a financial business.

When the bank employee began asking questions, the man hung up, Doney said. He said the bank employee attempted to call the number back, but it was disconnected.

Doney said callers should avoid divulging personal information when they receive unsolicited calls from people claiming to represent financial institutions.

People with questions about the validity of a call should obtain the name and number of the person calling, look up the financial institution's number and call to verify the caller's identity and request, Doney said.

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