Police arrest Wisconsin sex offender on theft charges

A registered sex offender from Wisconsin was arrested on attempted aggravated theft and identity theft charges Saturday night after trying to buy a vehicle with a fake Social Security number, name and address, Medford police said.

William David Fuchs, 44, was being held Monday in the Jackson County Jail on $30,000 bail.

Medford police Lt. Bob Hansen said Fuchs tried to purchase a $38,000 vehicle at a Rogue Valley car dealership, identifying himself as "Bill Fox" and presenting the fake Social Security card and a fake address. The man later identified as Fuchs said he would return after the paperwork had been processed.

After discovering the Social Security number was a fake, the dealership contacted Medford police.

Police discovered Fuchs had contacted several local real estate agencies with the false story he had inherited a substantial amount of money and wanted to buy an expensive home. He also had asked jewelry store clerks to put pieces on hold and told them he intended to buy the jewelry with an inheritance.

"Really no crime there," Hansen said. "(But) it inconveniences the store."

Hansen said he believes the actions stemmed from Fuch's fantasy of being wealthy and able to purchase high-value items.

"He likes to portray himself as having lots of money and just goes out and gets these things," Hansen said.

In addition to being a registered sex offender, Fuchs was previously convicted of fraud, but police officials could not confirm whether that conviction also happened in Wisconsin.

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