Pit bull captured after menacing people at field

An aggressive pit bull that was menacing people on an athletic field in Rogue River last week, prompting a lockdown of a nearby elementary school, was captured alive about 5 p.m. Friday, police said.

The chocolate brown dog with white feet, which police said was being aggressive toward several people walking on the Beck Athletic Field track, had been living near some thick blackberry bushes near the field.

Officers captured it Friday following reports that a pit bull was in the backyard of an East Main Street residence.

"(They) were able to coax it into putting a leash on it," said Rogue River police Chief Ken Lewis. "It was fine. I think it was hungry."

The dog was then taken to the Jackson County Animal Shelter in Talent, where shelter officials said it was eating and being friendly with other dogs.

No form of identification was found on the dog. Animal shelter personnel said they have made attempts to track down an owner by placing an ad in the newspaper and on the Craigslist website.

On Wednesday when officers approached the dog, it charged them, Lewis had said in a press release.

"They attempted to herd it over the edge of the field and down the bank of Evans Creek, where it could be dispatched," Lewis wrote.

Jackson County Animal Control officers were called to the scene, and they attempted to trap the dog, Lewis said.

The dog, a brindled pit bull, appeared underfed and possibly abandoned, Lewis said.

Officers posted signs near the field asking the public to stay away from the area until the dog is captured or killed by police.

The animal shelter also placed a baited humane trap in the area in hopes of capturing the dog.

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