OLCC, police conduct joint search for liquor violations

Medford police, Oregon Liquor Control Commission inspectors and Jackson County Community Justice parole and probation officers headed out on the town Saturday to look for lawbreakers.

The agencies collaborate on periodic "saturation patrols," visiting area bars and clubs every month or so in a hunt for violations of liquor laws or probation agreements, said Medford police Lt. Tim Doney. The team visited 35 businesses Saturday and found only a few problems, officials said.

Doney said police picked up three people seen violating probation by being in a place where alcohol is served and arrested one person on an outstanding warrant. One person was cited on a charge of urinating in public and one person was taken to the county sobering center.

OLCC reported that it is investigating a possible service permit violation by a bartender and that it gave several verbal warnings about possible overservice (serving alcohol to drunk patrons), but found most businesses operating in full compliance.

Authorities team up every month or so to do such checks, often focusing on underage drinking and overservice, Doney said. The teams target bars that have generated complaints, numerous police calls to the neighborhood or driving under the influence of intoxicants arrests. Teams also drop in on licensed establishments at random, he said.

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