Need bail? Flash that plastic

I heard that it is possible to bail yourself out of the Jackson County Jail using your debit card? True?

Mindy J., Medford

If you are lucky enough to get arrested with a robust bank account or a good line of credit, you may use a card to bail yourself out of the slammer.

The Jackson County Sheriff's Department adopted the debit/credit card bail program in October. It has been a success, according to sheriff's spokeswoman Andrea Carlson.

"It gives people another option to bail their friends or loved ones out of jail," she said.

Bail can be posted several ways by using a debit/credit card. You can visit and post bail by following the website's instructions. You also can pay by phone at 1-866-232-1899.

The jail also accepts bail by credit card at the jail front counter after court hours.

You can use the new feature to channel money into an inmate's commissary account using the above website. The jail also accepts cards for commissary funds after completing a weekend visit with an inmate.

To use the website or toll free number, you will need the facility number for the Jackson County Jail, which is 297502. You will also need the inmate's identification number, which is found on the jail website under the "Current List of Inmates" tag.

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