Meth statistics

The Mail Tribune compiles weekly statistics to demonstrate the effects of methamphetamine on our community.

  • Arrests — Seventeen people were arrested over the past two weeks and lodged in the Jackson County Jail on meth-related charges, representing 22 percent of the county's total felony arrests for that period. Fifteen suspects were arrested for possessing meth, and two were arrested for possessing, delivering and manufacturing the illegal drug. Six arrests were in conjunction with other criminal charges.
  • Court appearances — One person appeared in Jackson County Circuit Court over the past two weeks on an indictment charging possession of meth, representing 7 percent of total felony arraignments for defendants not in jail for that period.
  • Addiction recovery — Thirty-one meth addicts entered treatment over the past two weeks, and 10 completed treatment at OnTrack Inc. Five meth addicts were admitted to inpatient treatment, and four completed treatment over the past two weeks at Addictions Recovery Center (ARC). Two people were admitted over that period to ARC's sobering center while under the influence of meth.

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