Medford man arrested for burglary tracked by police through online video game

A Medford man was arrested Wednesday on theft charges after police were able to track the video game console he stole using the Internet.

The case dates back to Dec. 24 when the resident of a home on Garfield Street in Ashland reported that his home had been burglarized and several items, including a video game console, were stolen.

The Southern Oregon High-Tech Crimes Task Force contacted the console's manufacturer and was able to trace the unit after it was registered for online gameplay.

Central Point police Lt. Josh Moulin, who supervises the task force, said the trace led to a home in Medford. Officers contacted the resident, who told them he bought the console from Nicholas Gomez, 24, of the 200 block of Oregon Terrace.

Gomez was interviewed and later arrested on charges of first-degree theft and second-degree theft. Officers were not able to find enough evidence linking Gomez to the burglary, so they could not bring the charge against him, Moulin said.

Moulin said his team has worked with video game makers in the past.

"We have known of sex abuse cases where suspects contact their victims while playing video games online," Moulin said.

Moulin reminded parents to monitor their childrens' video game habits.

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