Man sentenced for killing mom's pet bird

A White City man has been sentenced to probation and is banned from having animals for five years after he killed his mother’s pet bird.

Sebastian Benoit Lucier, 24, of the 3500 block of Avenue H, pleaded guilty Thursday to first-degree aggravated animal abuse.

On June 2, Lucier unlawfully and maliciously killed Pete the cockatiel, according to an indictment.

Lucier admitted in court that he hurled the cockatiel down when he was angry and frustrated.

“I am sorry for what I did,” he said.

Jackson County Circuit Judge Lorenzo Mejia told Lucier, “That’s a pretty bad move on your part.”

Lucier will be on probation for two years and cannot possess or care for any domestic animals for five years. He must receive anger management treatment and any other treatment deemed appropriate by his probation officer.

His felony conviction may be reduced to a misdemeanor if he successfully completes his probation.

Mejia noted Lucier’s mother had owned the cockatiel for a long time.

Native to Australia, cockatiels can live for decades in captivity and are second only to parakeets in terms of their popularity as bird pets, according to bird experts.

Cockatiels have crests on their heads and are often gray with orange cheeks. Mature males typically have yellow faces.

The birds can copy human speech and whistle songs — skills that contribute to their popularity as pets.

Lucier does not have a prior criminal history, according to defense lawyer David Wood and a check of state court records.

Lucier did get a traffic citation in 2017 for speed racing on a highway.

An Oregon State Police trooper was driving 62 mph when Lucier pulled up alongside the trooper’s vehicle while driving a Nissan Versa in an adjacent lane. Lucier then “punched it,” according to the trooper’s description on the citation.

After being pulled over, Lucier told the trooper “he wanted an adrenaline rush so he was wanting to race me. I confirmed several times that he was racing me,” the trooper wrote.

Lucier was convicted and fined $220, court records show.

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