Man injured in '08 shootout with sheriff's deputies is back in custody

Man injured in '08 shootout with sheriff's deputies is back in custody

A Phoenix man who was severely injured in a firefight with sheriff's deputies in 2008 now faces felony theft and mistreatment charges for allegedly bilking his mother out of thousands of dollars, police said.

Dan Edward Waggoner, 47, has pleaded not guilty to serious financial crimes, including aggravated theft, three counts of first-degree forgery, first-degree theft and identity theft.

Phoenix police allege that Waggoner began draining his mother's bank account earlier this year. Apparently, Waggoner reportedly forged checks in his mother's name and transferred the money to a friend's bank account, Phoenix police Chief Derek Bowker said.

Police were turned onto the case after Waggoner's mother's bank reported the suspicious transactions.

"We thought it was worth investigating why he was transferring money to someone else's account," Bowker said.

Waggoner claimed he was transferring the money to pay his friend for work done around his mother's property. This story does not pan out, Bowker said.

"She didn't know about any work being done or payments coming out of her account," Bowker said.

In all, Waggoner is believed to have drained approximately $12,000 from his mother's account. The forgery charges stem from Waggoner fraudulently filling out 19 of his mother's checks.

Waggoner made headlines in 2008 after he was shot by Jackson County sheriff's deputies during a standoff in Eagle Point.

Deputies were called to Waggoner's home in the 1100 block of Dahlia Terrace after the mother of his children said he had several loaded firearms in the house and was threatening suicide.

Waggoner had actually fired a shot inside the home before police arrived. He refused to leave the home when asked to do so by deputies, prompting a standoff.

A SWAT team was called in after negotiations broke down. Waggoner then fired a shot from his porch at the SWAT team van.

After shooting, Waggoner left the porch and was walking around the home. This is when he encountered a sheriff's deputy who was armed with a rifle.

The deputy testified that Waggoner pointed a handgun at him and refused to drop the weapon. The deputy then shot Waggoner five times.

A grand jury cleared the deputy of any wrongdoing in the case.

Waggoner, who is permanently disabled from the shooting, was charged with numerous crimes, but eventually pleaded guilty to attempted first-degree assault, unlawful use of a weapon and interfering with police. He was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

In this latest case, Waggoner is scheduled for a pre-trial hearing on Dec. 24.

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