Josephine County squad reports 33 drug arrests

The Rogue Area Drug Enforcement team opened 39 investigations between July and September of this year, statistics from the team show.

The investigations by the Josephine County-based team led to the arrest of 33 people. Additional arrests are anticipated.

During the three-month period, RADE officers seized the following:

  • More than 4 pounds of methamphetamine
  • Forty pounds of processed marijuana
  • More than an ounce of heroin with small amounts of ecstasy and cocaine
  • Thirteen firearms
  • Hundreds of pounds of marijuana from 655 plants found at illegal growing operations.

According to a news release, RADE cases included investigations of several individuals associated with the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program. The growers were allegedly illegally distributing the drug to people other than OMMP patients for profit, the release said.

The RADE team includes officers from the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety, Oregon State Police, Josephine County Sheriff's Department, Josephine County District Attorney's Office and Josephine County Community Corrections.

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