Electrical problems suspected in house fire outside Ashland

Flickering lights at multiple houses near Hyatt Lake have led firefighters to believe electrical problems were responsible for setting an unoccupied home ablaze Friday night.

According to Greensprings Fire and Rescue Chief Gene Davies, several people reported flickering lights at homes near the fire, at 2026 Hyatt Prairie Road, outside of Ashland.

Davies said the reports of dimming and flickering lights occured at around the same time the fire likely started.

A neighbor in a home a few hundred feet away from the house fire reported flames coming out of the ceiling of the two-story home at around 9:30 p.m. Friday, Davies said.

The all-volunteer Greensprings Fire and Rescue station is not manned around the clock, so volunteer firefighters had to first respond to the station before responding to the fire.

Because of the holiday weekend, only four men were able to respond to the fire, Davies said.

"Normally on a fire like this, I would expect to see at least seven people," Davies said.

Crews worked all night to put out the fire, which burned the house down to a concrete foundation.

Davies said that he didn't ask other agencies for help with the fire because of wet, snowy ground around the house.

"There was no chance of the fire spreading to other places," Davies said.

Davies couldn't confirm whether or not the house was a vacation home, but said the homeowner was notified about the fire, and that they owned at least one other house.

The four-man crew had the fire out by 10 a.m. Saturday, more than 12 hours after it began.

Davies explained that because there are no fire hydrants in the rural Greensprings area, firefighters shuttled water from Hyatt Lake, roughly two miles away.

Firefighters made at least 10 trips to the lake to shuttle water to the house, Davies said.

"There are no fire hydrants out here, so that's our primary source of water," Davies said. "Or if there's a neighbor with a big swimming pool."

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