A drive-by shooting was reported at 916 Alta St., Medford. Photo by Nick Morgan

Drive-by shooting likely gang-related

Medford police said a drive-by shooting this afternoon on Alta Street in south Medford likely was gang-related.

The shooting occurred shortly after noon outside a home in the 900 block of Alta Street, drawing patrol officers, detectives and gang-prevention officers to the scene, according to Medford police Sgt. Steve Furst. No injuries were reported.

Furst said the shooting at 916 Alta St. is still under investigation, but "initially appears to be gang related."

Medford police closed Alta at the Barnett Road intersection for two hours while they questioned witnesses. They determined "at least one round was fired," Furst said.

Police believe the one suspected shooter was among multiple people inside a vehicle.

As of late Saturday afternoon no suspects had yet been arrested, but Furst said police have "some stuff going on" toward the case and are narrowing down "a lot of he-said, she-said" before they name a suspect or provide a vehicle description.

A witness who declined to provide her name to the Mail Tribune said she was on a walk with her 3-year-old grandson when she saw the shooting Saturday.

Just beforehand, she said she saw two cars — a gray sedan and a "little white car" — follow a family that pulled into a driveway.

The witness said she heard an exchange with someone in the gray car along the lines of, "You're bringing this to my house?"

The white compact car was playing loud music and two men were sitting in the front, the witness said. The white car circled the block at least once before the shot was fired.

She grabbed her grandchild and fled, the witness said.

A nearby neighbor who lives on Barnett Street close to the intersection said that over the past couple of weeks, she'd noticed an uptick in come-and-go traffic near the home. The woman, who also declined to be named, described the gunshot she heard as a "loud bam."

"Other than that, it's a nice neighborhood," the neighbor said.

The woman's 10-year-old granddaughter also heard it, saying that it sounded like "something maybe heavy fell down."

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