Brothers sentenced to prison, jail time

A Central Point man was sentenced to prison and his brother to jail Monday for attacking and injuring a fellow patron of Ground Zero in November.

Garth Coleman Smith, 28, of the 1000 block of Gibbon Road, and 40-year-old Kenith Ray McGuire, of the 400 block of Fir Street, Medford, both pleaded guilty Monday in Jackson County Circuit Court to charges of third-degree assault. Circuit Judge Patricia Crain ordered Smith to spend a year and two months in prison and McGuire to serve 30 days. Smith's sentence is longer, said prosecutor Beth Heckert, because of his previous criminal record for domestic assault, child neglect and drug possession.

The Nov. 18 crime left 25-year-old Reggie Richardson of Medford with a smashed face and a cracked rib. Because Richardson needs back surgery and has no insurance, Heckert said, Crain ordered Smith and McGuire to pay him a $5,000 compensatory fine in addition to $9,000 of restitution.

Richardson told police that he was punched, kicked and struck in the face with a pool cue in an alley off South Front Street after meeting Smith's girlfriend inside the nearby nightclub, Ground Zero. When Richardson was on the ground, Smith and McGuire took his wallet, which contained $500 in cash.

Initially charged with first-degree robbery, the duo said they didn't take Richardson's wallet by force but rather picked it up off the ground, Heckert said. Crain agreed to dismiss the robbery charges in exchange for the men's pleas.

Arrested almost two weeks after the crime, Smith and McGuire each spent about three weeks in jail before posting bail. Smith was taken back into custody following Monday's hearing.

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