'Beautiful' wedding, unfortunate aftermath

Marital bliss was briefly put on hold for a pair of Central Point newlyweds Saturday night when most of their wedding gifts were stolen.

High school sweethearts Erika and Daniel Clogston, 20 and 21 respectively, had just enjoyed their wedding ceremony in Sams Valley when they decided to pack all of their gifts into a Hyundai rented by the bride's grandmother, who intended to hold the gifts until the couple returned from their honeymoon in Mexico.

"The wedding part of the day was beautiful, but the day didn't end so great," said Judy Fair, the bride's mother.

The grandmother parked the Hyundai near the front door of the Hampton Inn on Morrow Road in northwest Medford and turned in for the night.

Sometime between 11:05 and 11:30 p.m., police said, someone smashed out the car's passenger side window and stole more than 40 wrapped gifts and several cards containing money and Target gift cards.

"They weren't particular about what they stole," Fair said. "They must have had at least $1,000 in gift cards alone."

Fair traveled to the Medford Target the following morning to ask if the cards could be canceled before the thieves could use them. She was told it was too late for that, as some of the cards had been used already in Reno, Nev.

"Gift cards are popular targets that can be used quickly for merchandise that can later be sold," said Medford Detective Sgt. Mike Budreau. "This was another unfortunate reminder that you shouldn't leave any valuables inside your car overnight."

Fair hopes police in Reno will look at surveillance videos taken at the Target to help identify who had used the gift cards.

"We are past the point of expecting that we'll ever see the gifts again," Fair said. "But it would be nice if maybe we could see the people who did this be caught."

Fair said the newlyweds are trying not to focus on the bumpy beginning to their marriage. They flew to Cabo San Lucas this week to celebrate their honeymoon.

They had planned to open the gifts during a party on the day of their return, Fair said. The good news was there were gifts locked inside the vehicle the crooks couldn't reach.

"We know that this is not a bad sign for them," Fair said. "These kids are going to be happily married."

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