$15,000 in equipment stolen from site of construction project

SUNNY VALLEY — A sand and gravel company waiting for final approval on permits for a job in Sunny Valley had at least $15,000 worth of equipment taken from the project site during two separate thefts this week, including a water truck worth $10,000.

"It's a huge project," said Jack Smith, general manager for Sunny Valley Sand and Gravel. "We've been cruising along on schedule and doing just fine, then this kind of stuff happened to us."

Company officials said a welder worth about $5,000 was taken Monday night from the secured 300-acre project site off Daisy Mine Road in Sunny Valley.

"Some guys came in with bolt cutters and cut the chain," Smith said.

The water truck, a dump truck with a 2,000-gallon water tank on the back, was taken some time Thursday night or early Friday morning. Smith said the thieves smashed through an aluminum gate on their way out.

Other tools also are missing, though Smith said they don't yet know everything that was stolen.

The company reported some of the missing equipment to the Josephine County Sheriff's Department and is waiting to make additional reports on other property.

Smith said he hopes people in the surrounding area will keep an eye out for the equipment.

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