Wilbur Dull

Wilbur Dull

Wilbur Henry Dull of Medford celebrated his 100th birthday with a party Sunday, July 26, at the Community Park Center in Merlin.

Wilbur was born to Virgil Norton Dull and Mary Belle Huffine July 29, 1915 in Grafton, Ohio. The family lived on a 280-acre farm and they left Ohio when Wilbur was about 8. Wilbur had five sisters, three older and two younger.

When Virgil got tired of farming, they sold the farm and bought a new Studebaker touring car, an eight-passenger automobile and they had nine in the family who rode in it to California. When they reached Southern California, they camped behind where the Hollywood sign is now for about a month then went to Long Beach and rented a house. They then moved to Lankershim (now North Hollywood) for about a year and then bought a house on 5 acres in Van Nuys.

Wilbur moved to Nevada in June 1941, and enlisted in March of 1942 right after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He was discharged as a corporal, worked at odd jobs for about a year, then went to Oregon and built his sister Pat’s house in Phoenix. When he finished it, he went back to California, where he became a fish and game warden.

He met Dorothy Seth, who had two daughters, Darlene and Marlo, and Wilbur was 38 years old when they got married. Dorothy died in 1987, and he moved to Oregon 23 years ago.

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