Weekly News Quiz: May 29, 2011

It was another week filled with news. The questions below, based on stories that appeared in the Mail Tribune in the past seven days, will help you relive the glory. If you take the quiz online at www.mailtribune.com/news, you can print out a certificate that proves you are a sharp reader.

1. The Rapture was scheduled to occur May 21. According to evangelist Harold Camping, what happened?

A. The Rapture was rained out

B. The world is over

C. It was an invisible Rapture

2. Rogue River grad Brian Dickinson returned home last weekend after completing what feat?

A. Climbing Mount Everest

B. Swimming the English Channel

C. Winning the French Open

3. What's the name of former Jackson County commissioner Jeff Golden's new public television show?

A. Huge Probabilities

B. Massive Opportunities

C. Immense Possibilities

4. Which upper Rogue River park got a facelift and expanded hours this season?

A. McGregor Park

B. Stewart State Park

C. Casey State Park

5. What happened to the bill to allow some sport-hunting of cougars with hounds?

A. Defeated in the Oregon Senate

B. Passed 16-14

C. Died without a vote

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