Practice with engagement photos

Practice with engagement photos

Before being photographed at the wedding, brides and grooms should be friendly and comfortable with their photographer because they've already had their engagement photos taken.

"Photo-based save-the-dates are all the rage ... but that isn't the reason I stand firmly behind the belief that engagement sessions are important," photographer Darbi G. Hebrank said. "Having an engagement session enables you to be in front of the camera with very little pressure and teaches you something very valuable — how to trust and be comfortable with your photographer. Plus, at what other time in your life will you get professional pictures of just the two of you in normal attire?"

Engagement photos "will also help your photographer understand how you photograph and to see what angles and lighting works best for you and your body shape. So when the wedding day comes, your photographer will know exactly how to pose you to make you look your very best," said Chrissy Vensel of Chrissy Vensel Photography.

For the location of the engagement photo, "pick a place that is meaningful to you and your fiancé," Vensel said. "It can be the place where you first met, the place of your first date, where you got engaged or a place you often spend time at."

If there's not a super special place, Hebrank usually suggests just picking one overall vibe, such as playful (a playground, zoo or carnival), natural (a nature preserve or field), rural (a farmstead), urban (downtown areas), grungy (urban areas that are rife with alleys and colorful buildings), modern (museum grounds or campuses) or themed (picnic or visit to a football field).

"If you're still unsure of where to have your photos taken, think of something you love doing together as a couple," Vensel said. "Or if you're the adventurous couple, do something exciting that you've never done before, like have your engagement photos taken on a hot air balloon ride.

"The possibilities are endless."

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