Twice the fun

Twice the fun

I am part of a pack. Two of my best and most loyal friends are miniature dachshunds named Mia and Bailey. They are black and tan with very different personalities and dispositions. They make life so entertaining for my husband and me.

Eight years ago, with great sadness, we had to put our older dog, Rosie, to sleep. It was time for her to go, and I mourned her death deeply. Shortly thereafter, my husband asked me to join him for an afternoon outing. He didn't say where we were going, but he had a twinkle in his eye, and I had a hunch — and I was right!

We headed out to choose a new dog from a breeder in Central Point, the same place we found Rosie.

Is there anything more fun than watching chubby, wiggling puppies tumble through the grass? One little, male puppy came right up to my husband and claimed him immediately. My husband was smitten. This one was a keeper.

Now came the dilemma. I had done a lot of reading about dogs and knew how much happier (and well-behaved) they are when part of a pack. Like humans, they are intensely social and can become bored and desperately lonely without a companion.

My husband and I both knew about dogs left home for many hours a day while busy families went about their lives at work and school. A few moments of attention a day was all many dogs got — mainly when someone was told to "feed the dog." We were guilty of that, too. Rosie had been left alone too many times.

I had decided it would be different this time. My husband and I both knew the tiny puppy that claimed his heart would not go home alone. The lone female in the litter was chosen to come home with us, along with her brother.

We got home late that night. After all the excitement of arriving at their new home, our two new puppies snuggled into their crate together and slept until the next morning. We didn't hear a sound all night — no howling or crying. I'm certain they were both relieved to be together. So began life with Mia and Bailey.

They have been the best of friends, and not for a moment have we regretted getting two dogs. It was one of the best decisions we ever made.

Seven years later, they still sleep and play together. Occasionally, when they are feeling particularly frisky, they will bark and howl at each other, then chase each other through the house. They are dogs, after all!

Of course, two dogs are more expensive than one. There is twice the cost of food, heartworm pills, vet visits, etc. Those things must be considered, but I would definitely encourage anyone thinking of getting a dog to consider getting two. They will be happier and healthier, and you most certainly will have twice the fun being part of their pack!

Joy reader Jamie Sunderland lives in Medford.

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