Tricks Of The Trade

Tricks Of The Trade

Here are some ideas to infuse your home with color, creativity and meaningful collections:

A Dash of Color
Bring a dramatic touch to monochromatic walls by painting the ceilings of each room a different color.
If you’re color shy, introduce bold colors in small doses. For example, use a red or orange pillow on a cream-colored sofa. Bathe a room in subtle color using light bulbs. Pink bulbs provide a soft glow that’s flattering to skin; pale yellow infuses surroundings with an antique hue.
Dangle a piece of stained glass in front of a window. The reflected light sends jewel tones through a room.
Buy throw pillows with removable covers. Change the covers each season, using linen in hot pinks, reds and yellows or cool blues and greens for summer. For winter, switch to velvet or chenille in ruby, navy or purple.
In some settings, small flashes of color are more effective than broad strokes. For example, top white dinnerware with patterned appetizer plates. Use colored marbles in a tall glass vase.

Collections of the Heart
Vary the heights and textures of items in a group arrangement. Don’t crowd items; it looks too busy. And don’t build several collections in one area. It’s confusing to the viewer who doesn’t know where to look first.
Arrange your seashells or rocks on a coffee table. Place them on a glass tray or in a vase to build a focal point.
Create groupings from your life. Bring out your childhood dolls or antique toy collection. Guys can display autographed baseballs or the baseball shirts they wore in Little League.
Candles look great in most rooms of the house. Place decorative candles in soup bowls; soap dishes; goldfish bowls; plant pots, or saucer-shaped Champagne glasses.

Creativity in Motion
Press herbs into a clear picture frame and hang from a dowel rod over a window. Place grapevines over arched windows, allowing them to drape for a natural effect. Wearing protective gloves, finger-paint an old chair using permanent paints.

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