Tony Heald on acting

"The audience is like a truthometer. If you're not being true, they will let you know."

"The more conscious I am of what my face is doing, the phonier it becomes. If I think what the character is thinking, fully, it will be reflected in my body."

"When I'd audition for 'Seinfeld' in a room with 13 writers, they'd roar with laughter. They were convincing themselves the material was funny."

"You realize if you deliver the line with size it gets a big laugh, but it diminishes the next moment."

"The best response in a comedy is an audience that erupts as a group, then shuts up. That tells you they all found it funny, and they want to be sure they don't miss anything."

"You can't pitch it to an audience, but they can help you find out what's important."

On Scott Guber ("Boston Public"): "Complicated, complex, and great fun to play, very different from me."

On Dr. Frederick Chilton: ("Silence of the Lambs") "My first sleazebucket. He changed my career, took me out of being the lovable nerd. I played slimeballs in suits from then on."

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