Student Standout: Maribel Barajas

Name: Maribel Barajas

Age: 18

School: Eagle Point High School

Hometown: White City

Parents: Adrian Barajas Valle and Maria del Carmen Sandoval de Barajas

Academic accomplishments: Top 5 Percent, Honor Roll, Gold Gown.

Other activities: Interact Club, church community service, soccer 11th and 12th grade, basketball ninth and 10th grade, Cinemark employee.

Favorite book: "My Sister's Keeper"

Favorite author: Jodi Picoult

Favorite Movie: "Pursuit of Happiness"

Favorite teacher and why: Mrs. Kenfield. She opened up the science community and made learning much more than memorizing facts.

Plans for after high school: Attend a four year university and major in pre-med or biology.

What advice would you give younger students to help them get the most out of their school years? Take advantage of all opportunities offered to you. Don't procrastinate and even if it's hard, don't give up — high school is only one part of life.

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