Student standout

Haley Hevern, daughter of Scott Hevern and Deanna Powers, has been named April Student of the Month by the Table Rock Kiwanis of Central Point.

Haley is a student at Crater High School in Central Point where she ranks 24th in her class with a 3.86 grade-point average.

Her awards and honors include Principal's List, Scholar Athlete and Honors Society taking advanced placement psychology, U.S. History and English.

Her extra-curricular school activities include:

Softball: honorable mention, 2nd team all conference, captain of softball team.

Volleyball: Honorable mention, second and first team all-conference and first team all-star, volleyball caption for three years; basketball;

Sparrow Club and Fellowship for Christian Athletes youth leader.

In the community, she tutors younger children after school, works with kids in softball, volleyball and basketball camps, and participates in Bible study regularly.

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