Shatner beams as he presents 'Captains'

William Shatner says he always loved "Star Trek," but he recently developed a new fondness for his fellow starship commanders.

Shatner came to Comic-Con in San Diego on Friday to discuss his new documentary, "The Captains," in which he interviews the various actors who have played "Star Trek" captains. The film premiered Friday night on the Epix TV channel.

Avery Brooks, who played Captain Sisko on "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine," also scored the film.

Brooks and actor Scott Bakula appeared alongside Shatner on the panel, which was moderated by Comic-Con favorite Kevin Smith.

Shatner called the "Captains" documentary "a work of love" and said "it was a voyage of discovery" because he learned so much about himself during its making.

He interviewed each of the "Trek" actors in different settings, taking Bakula horseback riding and arm-wrestling Chris Pine on Los Angeles' Melrose Avenue. Other captains appearing in the film are Patrick Stewart and Kate Mulgrew.

"I discovered traits among the six of us that I had no idea about, and I discovered things about myself," said the 80-year-old Shatner. "That's what my voyage was on this film."

The actor said he's also developing a new show about fan conventions because he has been so moved by "Trek" fandom.

At first, he said, "I rejected it ... but I finally see that people have taken 'Star Trek' into their hearts."

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