Set family goals and track progress

If you are setting personal goals for the new year, there is a lot to be gained from setting yearly family goals, as well.

This is especially true for divorced families who are still changing and re-establishing new patterns. This New Year's Eve, try setting some family goals and see what impact it has on your home.

All families have something they can improve upon. So now is the time to make it a priority and put a change into motion. Here are some steps to successfully setting and achieving family goals this year:

Call a family meeting

For these goals to be successful, everyone needs to be on board with them. At the meeting, have everyone participate in a discussion of what they would like to achieve as a family during the New Year. Avoid criticizing anyone's suggestions. Instead, write them down, then select a couple that you all agree are worth working toward.

Identify barriers to success

For each of the goals you have chosen to work on, determine what type of challenges you may face in pursuit of them. Then determine how all of you can go about getting past those challenges, in order to achieve the goal.

Create a plan

With your goals identified and your thoughts on how to remove barriers examined, write down a plan of action. Include what the goal is, when it will be achieved, and how the family will make that a reality.

Post your plan

Keep your goal plan out in a visible place so that the whole family can refer back to it. You may want to post it on the refrigerator or some other easy-to-access location.

Check your progress

Hold a family meeting once a month to evaluate how you're doing and where you are in the pursuit of your goal. Discuss what still needs to be done, and remind everyone why the family is working toward that goal.

Reward efforts

Be sure to give positive feedback throughout the process, and reward everyone's efforts and participation. That way, they are more likely to take part in reaching future family goals.

When family members work together toward a common goal, they will be more successful and create a better environment. While it's a great idea to have personal goals you want to reach, this coming year, try coming together to create some family goals, as well. You may just be surprised by how well the team comes together to achieve its common goal.

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