Seashells from the seashore work well in home design

Q: What do I do with all of those shells I picked up at the beach? — Kathy S.

A: Collecting shells on the beach is a fun way to spend time on vacation, and you can incorporate them into homes in a subtle and natural way that brings the outside indoors.

Here are a few ideas:

If you have a master bath that is spa-inspired, shells are perfect for it. Use a large conch shell for your loofah sponge or bath beads. Of course, you can also place a large number of shells in a basket by the tub or in a glass bowl on the counter. Take some of your favorite large shells and place one in a shadow box and hang it on the wall.

If you like to entertain outdoors during the summer, use your shells for tablescapes. Place them in colorful metal baskets with sand and a candle or simply place them in bowls on and around your dining table on top of a beautiful crisp tablecloth for outdoor entertaining.

Get out your hot-glue gun and add shells to place mats, picture frames and mirrors. High-end department stores are showing shell-inspired mirrors and vases in a big way. Use three large shells and arrange them on a table or mantel like a piece of art.

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