Planning this trip

Planning this trip


Guide Mike Ward works for Mountain Skills Rock Climbing Adventures in Red Rock Canyon. $105 to $230 per person (rate depends on size of the group); (505) 776-2222,

What to take: Wear comfortable, flexible clothes. Dress in layers because the temperature can change dramatically. Take a hat and wear sunscreen. Pack a light lunch and plenty of water.


McGhie's Bike Outpost rents dual-suspension mountain bikes at 16 Cottonwood Road, Blue Diamond. The rates are $35 per day; (702) 875-4820 ,

What to take: Pack plenty of water, snacks and sunscreen.


Flyaway Indoor Skydiving is at 200 Convention Center Drive, a few blocks from the Vegas Strip; (877) 545-8093 ,

What to expect: Training and preparation take about 35 minutes for a three-minute flight. Cost: $70 for the first flight.


Several outfits offer kayaking trips along the Colorado River. Kayak Lake Mead is a family-run business that operates out of White Hills, Ariz. $150 per person, including kayak and paddle; (928) 767-3061 ,

What to take: Waterproof sandals, shorts and a light jacket are good for daytime; bring warm clothes for night. Pack a sleeping bag, a small tent, food, water, sunscreen, bug repellent. All must fit into the hull of your kayak.

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