Picture perfect Halloween

NEW YORK — Tips for great Halloween photos:

  • Lose the "say cheese." It's hard to get a natural look when your children are grinning like a Cheshire cat. Instead, talk to them to get them to emote. Plus, the excitement and anticipation of gobs of candy will shine through.
  • Stoop to their level, literally. Get down on one knee when you're photographing little children, and get close. That way you can see their cute faces without zooming in, and the photos don't look down on your pint-sized kids.
  • Keep the cameras rolling. Don't stop shooting after the costumes come off. Grandparents love anything having to do with the grandkids, even photos of them chowing on candy.
  • The Golden Rule: Nothing is more precious than a row of babies in their Halloween best. Prop up the pumpkins, teddy bears and little ones on a couch and get clicking.

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