Personalized walls are just a click away

Personalized walls are just a click away

Black-and-white – boring. A fancy frame – flat. One of the easiest ways to spice up your photos, and your home’s décor, is right inside your computer.

The Web is vast reprieve from the financial and technical burden of photo-editing software. Anyone who can click his or her way through installing the latest version of Firefox can work a photo- editing/styling site.

Visitors of PhotoFiddle.com needn’t have much photo knowledge to turn around some fantastic photos, says spokeswoman Lily Baldwin. Users can upload any time of photo – an Internet jpeg, a high-resolution image, even one from their cell phone – and simply click their way to a new-look photo, be it an Andy Warhol-style pop art print or watercolor art. The Long Island-based company offers more than 75 different art styles. No downloading or software is required.

CVS, Walgreens, Target and Walmart offer similar services via their company Web sites, where consumers can upload, edit and print photos from their home computer.

Most sites offer tutorials to walk you through the process, and also provide online photo albums that allow users to share pictures without sending them as large e-mail attachments. And whether it’s museum-quality canvas or high-quality art paper set for framing, the beauty of photo sites is their ability to let you pick the perfect styles and textures to fit your home’s theme.

Baldwin says an 8.5- by 12-inch stretch-canvas piece may run around $40, while larger backdrop/wall-hanging pieces can cost a few thousand.

If you don’t find anything your style, you can always customize to your own tastes, such as a pop-art style print with the original image in the middle.

For those interested in doing it sans-computer, many photo centers also have begun offering prints in larger sizes that are printed on canvas to look like a painting – check with your local photo lab for more information.

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