One-pot dinner: It's an easy holiday gift

Gizmos and gadgets are fine, but the gift we all really want this holiday season is more time.

While that may be hard to come by, you can help those you love take back a little of their own time by giving them these one-pot dinner kits. They help the recipient get dinner on the table in a hurry, and won't take much of your time to make.

The premise is simple. You mix rice with a variety of seasonings and other dry ingredients, then package them in cellophane gift bags.

The lucky person to receive the kit simply adds liquid and protein, such as chicken, and lets it simmer.

We've crafted two variations on this theme: a creamy Italian chicken and porcini mushroom dinner and a vegetarian-friendly Mediterranean chickpea and feta cheese blend. For flexibility, chicken, tofu or beans work well with either kit.

The kits were designed to limit to three the number of ingredients your recipient must provide.

To make your work even easier, we've crafted gift tags for each kit that include instructions for preparing the dinner. To download and print the gift tags, go to:

Craft and baking supply stores are your best bet for inexpensive gift bags. Use only dried herbs and seasonings when making these kits.

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