Nutrition Quiz: Wild Game

1. Compared with standard red meat, most game is considerably more healthful. How many fewer calories does a pound of boneless elk have, compared with a 1-pound sirloin steak?

a) 326

b) 706

c) 924

2. Game is lower in total and saturated fat than other red meat, but watch out for high cholesterol levels. One pound of elk contains what percentage of the daily value for cholesterol consumption?

a) 47 percent

b) 69 percent

c) 83 percent

3. A broiled tenderloin of venison (deer) is comparable to chicken in most nutritional categories, but is higher in one vitamin or mineral. Which is it?

a) Iron

b) Folate

c) Vitamin D

4. True or false: Some research has shown increased lead levels in subjects who consume wild-game meat on a regular basis due to lead bullets.

5. Which type of wild game, per pound, provides the most iron?

a) Duck

b) Squab (pigeon)

c) Squirrel

ANSWERS: 1: b (steak, 1,202; elk, 496); 2: c; 3: a (venison, 48 percent of the daily value; chicken, 3 percent); 4: true; 5: c (118 percent of the daily value)


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