Mail Tribune News Quiz: March 20, 2011

Take our online news quiz at and show your friends how current you are. All questions are based on stories that appeared in the Mail Tribune in the past week.

1. What show went on even when a storm knocked out power in the Rogue Valley?

A. "Funny Girl" at the Camelot Theatre

B. "Henry IV" at OSF

C. "The Daly News" at Oregon Cabaret

2. What South Medford grad ended his college basketball career in the NCAA tournament?

A. E.J. Singler

B. Kyle Singler

C. Kevin Love

3. What male Shakespeare character is being played by a woman, Vilma Silva, this year?

A. Shylock

B. Richard II

C. Julius Caesar

4. Who did Ashland firefighters practice putting oxygen masks on last week?

A. Stuffed animals

B. Athletes

C. Real-estate agents

5. What Medford recreation site will be closed for repairs this summer?

A. Rogue Valley Mall

B. Hawthorne Pool

C. Purple Parrot

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