For an easy-to-make and healthier Super Bowl party sandwich, use lean meat and stir-fried veggies for a tasty sandwich without all the grease. - AP

HEALTHY plate —Big, healthy sub feeds a Super crowd

Eat too much of the typical Super Bowl party food and your television screen isn't the only thing that's going to be wide.

A typical Italian sausage-and-pepper grinder from a sub shop can pack over 1,000 calories and 68 grams of fat.

The main nutritional offenders in most subs are the cheeses, fatty meats (such as salami, mortadella and sausage), plus the usual generous slathering of oily dressings and mayonnaise.

Some chains do offer healthier alternatives, but it's easy and less expensive to make your own. It's also fun to make a giant party-sized sub to feed a crowd.

Start by using lean meats such as sliced chicken or turkey breast, or lean roast beef. If you are going to make a sausage sandwich, consider using low-fat chicken or turkey sausage.

Keep the cheese to a minimum and use low-fat varieties or smaller amounts of assertively flavored cheeses, such as aged provolone, extra-sharp cheddar or anything smoked.

And pile on the veggies; they're filling, flavorful and very low in calories.

When it comes to the dressing, use reasonable amounts of low-fat mayonnaise or light, bottled dressings.

This Italian Chicken, Pepper and Onion Sub has the feel of a classic sausage and pepper sandwich without all the grease. The meat is lean, cooked chicken breast, which can be prepared ahead or even leftover from another meal.

Frozen pepper stir-fry mix is inexpensive and saves you prep time. Zesty capers and black olives transform low-fat mayonnaise into a rich-tasting spread that can be used on all kinds of sandwiches or even as a dip for vegetables.

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