Fitness: better skiing

Sacramento, Calif., personal trainer Sam Morishima says balance and weight distribution are the keys to preparation for both beginners and veterans of the slopes.

Balance: "A good weight transfer and balance point awareness drill is lifting one ski about a foot off the ground and holding it for five seconds. Then place that ski back on the ground and lift the other ski. Hold it for five seconds. Repeat. The key is to balance on one ski with the ankle flexed."

Weight: "If the ski's tip is raised higher than the tail, your weight is too far back. Flex the ankle of the leg you're standing on to place more weight on the middle of the sole of your foot or under the ball of your foot. If the tail is higher, your weight is too far forward. Practice keeping the lifted ski parallel to the ground. Practice this until you can nail your balance point.

"Knowing your balance point and sweet spot now allows you to play around and adjust your skiing."

— Sacramento Bee

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